Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Alex: the quiet, shy man

Alex: the quiet, shy man

Five more minutes.. Come on.. End the day already..

James continued to stare at the clock on his computer while pretending to look busy. When the clock hit 6:00pm, he jumped up and ran straight to Alex’s cubicle. 

James: Hey Alex! I know just where to go for dinner. You know the tiny café we saw at the corner last Friday? Word is that they serve pretty good goulash. I know it’s your favourite so let’s head there.
Alex: It’s always empty. You sure?
James: Let’s just try it. The rumours may be true!


James and Alex arrived at the café 20 minutes later. It was empty as usual. No one was manning the counter when they entered. Then, they heard a lady’s voice from the back of the kitchen, “COMING! HAVE A SEAT FIRST. THANKS.” Both of them found some seats by the corner of the shop and took their places. Moments later, a youthful lady stepped out from the back of the shop and attended to her only patrons for the night. She had a simple floral dress that hugged her slim body and a pair of matching flats. As she reached the table, her attention was grabbed by Alex for a few moments before she realised both her patrons looked on at her confused.

Jane: Good evening gentlemen, I’m Jane. Welcome, how may I serve you tonight.
James: Well, we came for one purpose: to fill our stomachs with your goulash. Rumours say they are pretty darn good.

James glanced over at Alex to find him fixated on Jane.

James: Am I right, Alex?

That question broke Alex’s focus before turning back to James. He realised James noticed his gaze and raised an eyebrow at him.

Jane: All right. Well I guess there is only one way to find out? 

Jane turned and headed back into the kitchen. Her gait, as light as a feather, made the hem of her dress float slightly. That seemed to have caught Alex’s attention once again.

James: She seems to be the only person running the place. It must be tough for a girl like her.
Alex: I guess so. 


James: Oh wow. This is so damn good. Who knew a small café like this has such great food.
Alex: Oh yeah. James, you know the washroom is? I think the lunch’s finally gotten to me. 

Alex walked over to Jane sitting by the counter.

Alex: Hello Jane, do you mind showing me to the washroom?
Jane: Yes sure, it is down the corridor. Take a right when you see McDonald’s then walk str.. Why don’t I bring you there?
Alex: Yes please, I’d like that. 

Alex opened the door to let Jane lead the way from the café. 

Alex: I noticed you’d been looking over several times while I was having my dinner. 
Jane: Well, aren’t you just as guilty of the same crime as well? 
Alex (embarrassed): I didn’t expect you to notice. When you stepped out of the kitchen, I couldn’t help notice how angel-like you looked.

Jane caught Alex’s longing gaze once again as he spoke.

Jane (laughing): Angel-like? That’s sweet but I don’t think I’m nothing like the angel you pictured in your mind.
Alex: Then let me find out who you really are. What makes you tick?
Jane (laughing): What makes me tick..? You sure do ask some odd questions when you are trying to ask me out. 
Jane: A good kiss.
Jane: I do love guys who blush. They’re cute when they do.

As she finished her sentence, Alex leaned in and gave a soft peck on Jane’s lips. When she did not flinch, he leaned in further and locked lips with hers. For the next few moments, both of them kissed, passionately, like lovers. 

Jane: Oh damn, Alex. You don’t happen to have a condom with you now? I would love you to fuck me now.
Alex: No I don’t. 
Jane: What a pity. Next time. Bring a condom wherever you go, dimwit.
Alex: Yes ma’am.
Jane: Now go on in and settle your business.
Alex (grinning): Already done, Jane.
Jane: Oh you cheeky boy. 


James: What took you so long?!
Alex: I shouldn’t have drunk that papaya milkshake like you told me to. 
James (laughing): Oh right. Thanks mate, that’s good to know. I’m so avoiding them now. Come on, let’s go.
Alex: All right. Hey, let me pay.
James: Sure? 

Both of them stood up and left the café promptly. 
(On their way to the car park)

Alex (smiling): I think I have just found my favourite place for goulash.

James looked over, confused at what he was seeing – Alex actually smiling for once. 

James: Well, good for you. I guess.

(Back at the café)

Jane flipped over the receipt that accompanied the bills for the meal. She found a number and a small note that read “Call me tonight? Alex.” After reading it, Jane couldn’t help but laugh at the note. Nevertheless, she dropped a text to Alex “Aren’t guys supposed to be the one asking for numbers and doing the calling? Dimwit. You still owe me a fuck. Jane.”

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