Sunday, 6 December 2015

Exploration of the human anatomy

As the relief teacher droned on about the human anatomy, I couldn’t help notice her erected tits in the snug, white dress she was wearing. Sure, the class today might be on the anatomy of the female reproductive system but I can’t help stealing several glances at her breasts. Her tight, slender body must have been a “dream come true” for most of the girls in the class. This wasn’t exactly helping calm the raging hard-on I have been getting since the class started. 

Feeling adventurous (well, horny), I looked around me to ensure people were actually focusing their attention to the front. Once that cleared, I unzipped my school shorts and slowly took out my penis, careful not to make it look like I’m actually doing it. The only reason why I did it was because the last row I was in was completely empty. It also helped that the tables were tightly packed together that anyone in front will not be able to see what’s going on underneath my table. 

Stroking my penis, I went on fantasizing about how her breasts feel like in my hands. Or my penis in her mouth. I became less focused on the class as time went on. Have I even been?

Time went by pretty fast. The bell rang, signaling the end of the class. 

As I went on packing my stuff to head home, Jenny came over. This was surprising, considering she was always the first to leave. She held me back as the rest of the class left the room.

Jenny: I saw it. What you were doing.
Me: Wait, what? You mean..
Jenny: Yes. 
Me: S.. So what do you want from me? 

Jenny stood up and locked both doors of the room and signaled me towards her.

Jenny: I want to see it again. We learned about it just last week, didn’t we? Let me see it.

I heard what she had to say. A part of me didn’t expect this side from a geeky girl who always left for home straight away. A part of me, well, panicky because I haven’t done this before. I stepped out of my shorts and underwear, revealing a growing penis as it got attention from a girl for the first time.

Jenny: Wow. It’s still growing.. So, this is the frenulum?
Me: Yes, it’s pretty sensitive too. Don’t poke it.
Jenny: I’ll not just poke it. Can I have it in my mouth please? I’ve seen this online before; I’ve always wanted to try it.
Me: You’ve surprised me for the second time today but.. sure.. please do. 

(I must be the luckiest fourteen year old right now)

I could feel the moist, warm insides of her mouth as she slowly bopped up and down. Sure enough, it felt so much better than my hand and it didn’t take long before I needed to come. I gently pushed her away before I tipped over the edge. 

Me: It’s my turn. Can I see and try yours now?

Jenny stood up and slipped out of her school skirt and that red lacy panties she had on. 

Me: Did you shave? You don’t have any hair there.
Jenny: Yes I did. My sister told me guys love it when it’s shaved there. Do you like it?
Me: Yes I do. It looks.. nice.
Jenny: Finger me?

Wasting no time, I got off from the table and kneeled down with her crotch right in front of my face. Gently, I pressed on her clitoris which was supposed to be full of nerve endings. This was looking to be more of a practical version of what was taught in the class. It didn’t take much effort to slide my finger in. She was already pretty wet.

Jenny: Get more fingers in. Come on.

She pulled my finger out and stuck three of her own in. I could see how much pleasure she was getting from this as her head leaned back in ecstasy. Bent on making her come like the girls in that porn flick did, I fingered just like how she told me to and rubbed her clit furiously. Her moans escaped her mouth and got louder as she drew close to orgasm. When she finally did, clear streams of juices leaked out of her pussy and down her inner thighs. 

Jenny: Your turn to come. 

I sat back down and leaned against the wall. With one hand on my penis, she grabbed my hand with the other and placed it on her breasts. They are not as huge as the ones I’ve seen but they are developing. I slipped my hands under her shirt and felt the soft, smooth skin of her body. I pulled her onto me, so she sat on me with my penis right in front of her. As she stroked, I was teasing her tits so much so that she started moaning again. Leaning forward, I gave soft pecks at the back of her neck. It didn’t take long before she started releasing some of the juices onto my penis. This turned me on so much that I came at the moment. Most of it got onto her hands.

Jenny: It’s warm and nice. Let’s stop for now to recharge and we shall continue tomorrow. Okay?
Me: Oh yes. 

We cleaned up the mess we made on the floor, got dressed and left the school together. It was only then that I realized we actually did it in the class but what filled my mind most was what was about to happen tomorrow. I couldn’t wait.

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